CBD (Cannabidiol)

  • CBD Afghan Hash

    CBD Hash is created from the sticky resin of the hemp plant.
    Conțin cantități mari de canabinoizi, efectul său este susținută de terpene naturale și flavonoide
    care se găsesc în planta de o relativ efect natural care poate ajuta la adresa de simptome de durere.

    CBD Afghan Hash

    $10.00 ? $80.00
  • CBD Balm

    Made from all natural ingredients and CO2-extracted CBD, this balm has been developed for use on sensitive skin and leaves
    it feeling rejuvenated and moisturized. The natural ingredients are a complementary blend of carefully selected plant extracts,
    including curcumin, vitamin E, coconut oil and CBD. Our empirical research suggests that this unique combination of natural extracts
    works synergistically to help promote the maintenance of dermal tissue and support the body’s immune system.


    CBD Balm

  • CBD Drops

    Green Cuisine CBD Drops are created from cannabidiol (CBD) isolate extracted using a clean CO2 process that minimizes toxic chemicals and other harmful compounds. Convenient and easy to administer, CBD oil can be used for the treatment of a variety of conditions that include chronic pain, inflammation, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, depression, and more.

    CBD Drops


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